There are two types of Windows 10 Product Key: retail key and MAK key. Retail key is the license to the retailing version of Windows 10, MAK key is for a large client who buying many Windows 10 one time. Most of cheap product keys shopping on the Google Ads are MAK keys.

For “Big customer” use of Windows 10, Windows 7 or Windows8/8.1 Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition. There are two types of authorized activation mode of agreement:

  • Mak for permanent activation.
  • “MAK key” for activation once, will be reduced once, until to 0.

Only when the “big customer” pays for Windows 10 again, Microsoft will revitalizing the MAK key. KMS activation is “180-day cycle activation,” and the general Windows 10 Activation tool uses this activation method.

Guide for Genuine Windows 10 purchasing.

Note: Some people activate pirated Win7, WIN8, Win8.1 through improper means, then upgrade to WIN10 for free. This kind of crooked is not called the genuine. In addition, non-students use of educational concessions, abuse of the number of enterprises activated by the scope of the agreement, in principle, is not called genuine.

This article applies to new installed Windows 10 and users who does not automatically upgrade to Windows 10.

  1. Visit Microsoft’s Official mall. The Web site is as follows:
  2. Click the green Button “Learn More” in the information listed in Windows 10, or select “Software”→”windows” on the top menu, the effect is the same. “
  3. Do not click on the “Upgrade Now” button, the link is useless. Pull to the bottom of the page, you will see the following figure “Windows 10 electronic download Version”, to find it, click on “Buy Now
  4. Select “Buy Windows 10 E-Download” and click “Buy a single product”.
  5. Confirm Shopping cart content, click on the right “settlement”.
  6. The login box may pop up. Just log in, or sign up for one. Of course, a friend who is too lazy to sign up for a Microsoft account can also log in using a Alipay account directly.
  7. Fill in the receiving address information, invoice information, select the method of payment, and finally “submit the order.”
  8. Select a credit card payment method to complete payment within 4 hours. This step may vary according to personal circumstances. After payment is completed. You can see your order for successful payment on the “My Orders” page of Microsoft’s official mall.
  9. On the “My Software Downloads” page, you will also see the genuine Windows 10 that you purchased successfully. Click “Get Product Key” to see the key to install and activate. Be careful not to tell the key to others, and not accidentally sent to the Internet.

Buy Windows 10 Home Product Key

Buy Windows 10 Home Product Key

Finally, if you are not satisfied with the functional limitations of the Windows 10 Home Edition. After installation, you can also use the “Set up” → “Update and security” → “activation” To access the application store to purchase Windows 10 Professional Edition to upgrade, this is not too much introduction.

Buy Windows 10 Pro Product Key

Buy Windows 10 Pro Product Key

Visit the webstore

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